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Stop Smoking. 
This is my Grandpa and Grandma. My Grandpa is 94, and is the happiest and healthiest man that I know. My Grandma is 90, and could be doing better. My Grandma has a disease called Emphysema, which develops from smoking. It decreases the amount of oxygen that enters your lungs, causing hard breathing. My Grandma has also developed Alzheimer’s, which makes you increasingly forgetful- and can wipe out your entire memory.
This post is to show the defects that smoking has on one person, and that if you don’t smoke, you never should. And if you do smoke- you need to quit. 
My Grandma grew up in a time period where smoking was not known to be hazardous, and long term effects were unheard of. In which, everyone of her generation smoked cigarettes. When the world became aware of what smoking does to ones body and lungs, it was too late for many people- including my Grandmother.
When she was in her 60’s, she went to see a doctor because she was finding herself short of breath easily. A few days later, she was diagnosed with the early stages of Emphysema. She immediately quit smoking, but the damage had already been done. 
She was able to let the calm stages of the disease take its coarse without aggressively fighting it, for a few years. Then she progressed into her 80’s and she noticed her breathing patterns were getting worse. My Grandma was then put on oxygen support, whenever she felt she needed it. 
My Grandmother, once the happiest most loving, sweetest, and funniest, women that I knew, became ill, very quickly, due to smoking. This has put a toll on my entire family, watching my Grandma suffer like this. ANd as the years go one, her Emphysema gets increasingly worse. 
A month before my Grandmas 90’s birthday, my family watched her memory slowly fade. This is thought to be caused because of the lack of oxygen her brain gets from the disease Emphysema. Which takes a toll on her memory in her brain. 
Her 90th birthday came and she wasn’t able to talk to anyone or open her eyes. Her diseases have taken over. She doesn’t know anyone, except my devoted caring Grandfather, who she occasionally screams for when she feels uncomfortable. But as for the rest of my family. She will open her eyes to say hello- but grow frustrated because she doesn’t know who we are, and look down. 
Watching my Grandma, once so lively, now suffer because of smoking is the hardest task for me. This all is because of cigarettes. 
This all can prevented if everyone of you can spread stories like this. 
Stop yourself from smoking, and stop others from smoking. 

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Dedicated to Jensen Ackles’ teeth
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